Cole’s third album is a layered exploration of his hometown Fayetteville, North Carolina and its lasting effect on him that culminates in a sprawling 12 minute thank you on ‘Note To Self’. Tracks like ‘03 Adolescence’ and ‘No Role Modelz’ lament his struggle growing up without a reliable role model to guide him, while on ‘Fire Squad’ and ‘G.O.M.D.’ he flexes his incredible talents to ensure everyone knows he’s still the best in the game. Cole has contributed a lot to the world of hip-hop since his debut mixtape in 2007, and ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ stands tall as his most influential.

KEY TRACK: ‘WET DREAMZ’ - Cole remembers the girl who first made him feel like a man. The song begins with a lyric that perfectly encapsulates the album: 'Let me take you back, man/As I do so well'


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